Jane Edden – Colony & An Oscillation of Caz Wellers

jane-edden-100.jpgThis installation was at 11 Wolstenholme Sq. briefly last week. Its a shame if you missed it, it was delightful. On the ground floor Edden projected footage of birds alighting on telephone wires onto the gallery wall, from which she extends real wires or ropes to create a facsimile of the original scene. Along the wires, she places cards to function like film screens, momentarily catching the transient flock as they glimmer in and out of space and time.

On the first floor Edden’s installation of oscillating feathered devices raises a soaring polyphony of sound when triggered by the wind from an electric fan.
jane-edden-1.jpgThese ‘birds’, spindly metallic carcasses boasting brilliant plumes and electronic anatomies, share the voice of soprano Caz Weller, who worked with Edden to give the work “an ethereal sound to soar to.”

Edden has described this hybrid sonority, a collaboration of technology and nature, human voice and avian agility, as capturing the essence of “what it would be to be able to fly”. In ‘Colony’,

Jane Edden – Colony & An Oscillation of Caz Wellers
Wolstenholme Projects
30.10.2008 – 2.11.2008