James Moores and Lots More in The Times Today

James Moores, pictured in front of a painting by Ian Larson, Club Row, Rochelle School

The Magazine with today’s Times newspaper (Saturday Nov 10 2007) is full of articles about Liverpool. As Capital of Culture fast approaches the national media are starting to take more interest and mentioning Liverpool more in the papers and TV and Radio programmes.

You can read some of it online including this piece about James Moores the founder of the A Foundation but the pieces are not grouped together, there seems to be a lot more in the mag.
Incredibly it does not appear to mention artinliverpool.com but it doesn’t really give internet information at all.

As well as art there are pieces on music, fashion, poetry, football, architecture etc. and quite a lot about our beloved Hope Street.

To his grandfather’s chagrin, young James opted to go to art college – first Camberwell School of Art, then Goldsmiths – rather than joining the family business. He still paints today, when he has the time. “It’s very much my intention to get back into some studio practice,