Its A Piece Of Cake At Cornerstone

loop-cake-1.jpg loop-cake-2.jpg

The Loop OVERVIEW07 exhibition at Cornerstone finished today and closed in some style as the marvelous cake that you will have seen there was sliced by Council Leader Warren Bradley and Loop Exhibition Curator and artist Arthur Roberts.

Many of the 30 artists involved in the exhibition were present and the cake was soon demolished.
As well as being a splendid exhibition of works by 30 of the top Liverpool abstract artists, there was always a nice atmosphere here at the opening, the closing and there was even a gathering for ‘Thank You Art Day’ recently.

Artists include;

Richard Ashworth, Craig Atkinson, Nicole Bartos, Colin Beckett, Derek Boak, Edward Bruce, Michelle Burrows, Terry Duffy, Peter Collins, Peter Corbett, Derek Culley, Fanchon Frohlich, Barbara Jones, Jason Jones, Julie Jones, Steve Hitchin, Vincent Lavell, Sue Milburn, Geoff Molyneux, Callum Moncrieff, Tony O’Connell, Christine O’Reilly Wilson, Nathan Pendlebury, David Powell, Arthur Roberts, Colin Serjent, David Stanley, Terry Sullivan, Jason Thompson.


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