Its 20:08 Day!

from liverpool08

Come celebrate 20:08 day and be part of the ‘Legacy Diary Collection’.

20:08 has become a symbolic date for the city of Liverpool and we want to know how everybody; children, young people, adults, families and friends have celebrated this special day in this extraordinary year!

To participate all you need to do is simply download the 20:08 form, write a short journal/diary entry that consists of morning, afternoon and evening reflections.

This could include where you went, what you did, who you were with, what you ate, anything that you feel is relevant to mark this special day. Could you also add your overall thoughts on 2008 and what your hopes for the future are, plus any photos and drawing from this special day.

You can also post photographs and videos from your day on the Open Culture website, in the ‘your pictures’ and ‘your videos’ section of the home page. Please ensure you make the 20:08 date clear in any accompanying text.

Haven’t got anything planned for 20:08 Day; why not download the 20:08 Day programme of events for some inspiration.


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