Intervention at Liverpool John Lennon Airport

yellow submarine at john lennon airport biennial info at john lennon airport
Well I had to go to Garston anyway to buy a nice big hard-drive to back up all my files so we went to Liverpool John Lennon Airport as well so with parking and coffee it was an expensive day out.
The Yellow submarine has been parked outside here for quite a while now and inside there is the statue of John Lennon which now has lots of information about the Biennial alongside it. There were no Biennial leaflets in the holder though so I put some of my new artinliverpool ones there instead.

So anyway, the artwork is in the form of text painted on the walls above the check-in desks in the large reception area.
The text is all lyrics by John Lennon and is the (untitled) work of Rigo 23 who is also responsible for caging the lions outside St Georges Hall.
There are also some of the words from Give Peace a Chance stuck onto the outside of the building.
I do wonder how many people notice, everyone seemed so intent on just getting to the front of the check-in queue and didn’t look up even when they saw the two of us climbing onto steps and raising our cameras above our heads to try and get a better picture.
jla-3.jpg jla-4.jpg


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