International Slavery Museum – Trafficked

31 July 2009 – February 2010
Trafficked is a community exhibition of contemporary photographs highlighting the on-going struggle to combat human trafficking around the world. Through interactive aids and human stories the exhibition reveals the struggle of people whose lives have been affected by this modern-day slave trade, as well as demonstrating the continuing global work to stop it.  

Human trafficking is a global issue and millions of men, women and children are being treated as commodities – something to be bought, sold and enslaved.

It is the fastest growing form of organised crime and one of the largest money earners for criminals, and the exhibition highlights cases where people have been trafficked into forced labour, sexual exploitation, street begging, credit card fraud and cannabis cultivation.

This exhibition has been produced in partnership with STOP THE TRAFFICK, a global movement of over 1,000 organisations working together to address the problems of human trafficking.

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