International Slavery Museum – ’42’ Women of Sierra Leone


’42’ Women of Sierra Leone
04 March 2011 – 15 April 2012
An exhibition of 42 portraits of the women of Sierra Leone, by British photojournalist and writer Lee Karen Stow.

“When I turned 42 in 2008 life expectancy in Sierra Leone was around 42. I realised that I had double the chance of living a long and healthy life in the UK, where life expectancy for women is around 83. I became angry at what is a violation of human rights.

42 aims to show the beauty, spirit, hope and the value to society of women not just in Sierra Leone, but women everywhere, who wake each morning with the belief that one day, life really will get better.” Lee Karen Stow –

The exhibition includes photographs taken in summer 2010, which have not been shown before.

The exhibition forms part of Look11 – Liverpool International Photography Festival

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Image: c. Lee Karen Stow


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