International 06 at Tate Liverpool

tate06-1.jpgI had been to the Tate right at the start of the Biennial but didn’t have much time so just went round quickly. So returned again yesterday to have a proper look only to discover that, yes, I had actually seen everything the first time. There really is nothing much worth recommending.
Its definitely time to get away from all this Liverpool-based stuff. I’m not interested in some old woman dressing up just because its a metaphor for Liverpool transforming or an old video of striking Liverpool dockworkers or another documentary video about housing somewhere on Merseyside, not sure where, it didn’t hold my attention long enough to find out.
The Liverpool’s Top Ten video is quite amusing but the sort of thing that might have been produced by a local college rather than commissioned from an international artist.
Apart from that there’s (yet another) video of fish watching a potato sinking and a collection of objects washed up on a beach in Malaysia thrown randomly onto a table. I was thinking of adding a few things, would anyone notice? Perhaps an 08 badge just to give it a Liverpool theme.
Also I’m not interested in someones old Arran sweater or quilt or whatever though nicely packaged in wooden boxes.
The builforcrime light show on the ground floor is indeed a crime. A criminal waste of a good exhibition space.

Biennial International 06 at Tate Liverpool until November 26 2006