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Spread the word on what’s great in the Independents Biennial

Ok easy to abuse this one, but let others know which exhibitions should not be missed. There’s a lot going on, probably too much for any of us to visit everything. Positive reviews are preferred, and remember this site is also our permanent archive and history so your words will not be forgotten.


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  1. I would like to thank the local people of Liverpool who steered me towards a few galleries yesterday. We had travelled down from Glasgow to see the Biennial and a particular show that appealled had been cancelled. We were abused at the 25 Parliament Street Gallery when we asked why the show had been cancelled we were only trying to find out if there was another venue. I am from Glasgow and involved in the arts and know this thing happens a lot and venues change. We were then threatened and showered with verbal abuse. It was very much the same story around Greenland Street, this isnt very good for the tourist industry, Art or the capital of culture. We were not interested in politics just the art, we did not go to the venue to be intimidated, although disappointed that what we went for wasnt there we still went to look at the art and did not expect this kind of thing to happen. Thanks to a scouse guy called Colin were were met with the scouse ‘warmth’ that’s apparently legendary and he recommended a few viewings. We are here for a few days and would appreciate any recommendations but as a ‘foreigner’ to these parts I would advise people to be cautious when visiting Parliament Street/Greenland Street as you may meet with the scouse vigilante.

  2. I am surprised you got a poor reception at Greenland St, I’ve met nothing but lovely people there the last few days.
    Less surprised about 25 Parliament st. sadly, most there are ok but attracts a few less savoury characters.

    You should go back to Greenland St (note: closed Monday & Tuesday!) if you can, there’s the New Contemporaries, lots of interesting things in the Blade Factory but don’t miss Goshka’s huge installation in the Furnace. Some people miss it because its thru a door at the back of the reception area.

    Monday’s a good day for the NML places – The Walker and Conservation Centre (again be careful not to miss the Cape Farewell pieces at both places)

    And, of course, go to The Fusebox at Polished T (open every day) for the hilarious Kingpin installation and video.

  3. Hi Jacques,
    Tonight there is i-saw at Egg. Not a great venue, its a cafe with art on the walls, difficult to move round when its busy, this is a photo exhib, starts at 7pm

    Then an arty party at 52 Roscoe St care of South Bohemia and The Art Organisation – should be a much cooler crowd there. from 8pm till midnight


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