Independents Meeting with John Brady

chairs.jpg(Photos by Tony Knox.)

About a hundred artists attended the meeting last night at Static with the new Creative Facilitator for the Independents, John Brady. He started with a quick overview of the Biennial structure and went on to explain why he feels the order of the words is important. Hence ‘Independents Biennial Liverpool‘. It then becomes easier to envisage an Independents Biennial Glasgow for instance then maybe an Independents Biennale Veince, Sydney etc.

DIY is important, i.e. Do It Yourself. The Creative Facilitator is here to Advise or Broker, to Develop Audiences and to ensure Critical Scrutiny, he is not here to provide funds or find venues or recommend any artist for funding etc.

There will be a none-selective listings publication of some sort, the Deadline is August 15th. It will be distributed locally by TEAM and artists can also send out copies to their own mailing lists.
blue.jpgThe website will include daily updates (we’ll see)

There will be a catalogue published after the Biennial following critical scrutiny of the exhibitions and a selection process.

There is still no Independents Board, there have been 4 nominations and more are sought.

Contact details:

The Blade Building
67 Greenland Street
L1 0BY

tel. ++44 (0)797 661 0581

More information including the templates from this meeting will be on the website in due course.
Artists are encouraged to send details of their plans via email.

There were a few announcements:
Contact Gaynor Sweeney for latest details of the Transvoyeur International project

Contact Dorrie Halliday for details of The Gang (of digital artists) meeting at 3345 Parr St on alternate Mondays, next one is July 3rd.

And Tony Knox is performing as Mothman during the St Helens Arts Festival on Saturday July 8th at 14.00 in Church St., St Helens.


  1. First meeting I missed…drat…coz I want to be part of the “Liverpool biennial 2006” not something that sounds seperate. Surely I can choose to be part of the Glasgow or Venice biennial independants too?..Why the change? Am I missing something ultra subtle?
    In addition, and sorry to seem all negative but a proper catalogue afterwards? Folk will have moved on!…probably to Glasgow or Venice!

  2. Yeh Alan, afraid I can’t enlighten you. It wasn’t very clear what all that was about.
    The post-biennial catalog is presumably to give a glowing report of the event or maybe more independent assessments.


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