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Independents – Latest Update

Yikes! I’d better get started on my project, things are starting to move!

From Mike Noon (Arts Council NW)….


As he is still working on setting up channels of communication I have agreed to distribute the following message from John Brady, Creative Facilitator, Liverpool Biennial Independents:

Quote: ‘The catalogue for the 2006 Independents will have a listings section with a copy deadline of August 16th. The editorial element will include comment, polemic and artwork. Catalogue space for editorial is limited and subject to selection. Materials and proposals for editorial content will be accepted for consideration in the period June 15th to August 3rd.’ End quote.

It is also John’s intention to make a public presentation to disseminate his approach to creatively facilitating the 2006 Independents in Liverpool on or around June 14th. To this end, this mailing list is now being permanently handed over to John in his role as Creative Facilitator, in order that he can keep you up to date with news and information as necessary, including the exact details of his public presentation when they have been clarified.

Best wishes

Mike Noon