Independents – IMPORTANT Information

John Brady has sent out instructions for registering as an artist, curator, gallerist, venue etc. for the Liverpool Biennial 2006 Independents strand.
If you intend to be involved you need to read and follow the instructions. You should also register with the independents website to ensure you receive future newsletters from them.
I have already registered my digital art show and I post the full message here…

Dear Independents,

Thanks for all the comms. Some have minimal content, others jpgs, urls and various attachments, which can make it hard to see the wood for the trees.

ARTISTS (to also include independent curators, gallerists and other visual culture activists).
This first stage registration will allow us to clearly assess the progress of individual proposals as to whether they are fully funded or not, whether they have a venue or not, whether they have special requirements, and if so, a reasonable chance of securing them. Irrespective of how much information you have forwarded to us already, if you wish to be considered for the Independents listings, web-review and catalogue you MUST COMPLETE & RETURN the registration form linked below.
If there are details you cannot confirm, indicate a date on which you will confirm these details to us. For ARTISTS wishing to register, please complete the form which can be found here:

The deadline for this first stage registration is August 04 2006 but the sooner you get it to us the sooner we can assess your proposal’s viability. The resources of time, space and money are limited and if your proposal requires enormous amounts of space, technical kit and loot that you aren’t more than halfway down the road to securing we will de-prioritise the proposal and recommend you forget 2006 and start working on 2008. Viable projects will be invited to complete a second stage registration, to include images and editorial, no later than August 22, 2006.

The Independents Biennial does not undertake to find venues for artists but will happily act as broker for venues willing to host artists’ events. The term VENUES includes galleries, public and private buildings and exterior locations. VENUES wishing to register please complete the form which can be found here:
Please do so asap as it will enable us to match-make artists and venues.

Finally we recommend you subscribe to for updates and news.

John Brady CF

THE BLADE BUILDING 67 GREENLAND STREET LIVERPOOL L1 0BY ++44(0)151 798 9000 / ++44 (0)797 661 0581


  1. Am I reading this right?

    New deadline? No word of an apology for previous misinformation?

    I can’t really check because the efficient Mr Brady doesn’t seem to have posted the details of the last meeting on his website yet unless someone can give me the link.

  2. The original info was
    Quote: ‘The catalogue for the 2006 Independents will have a listings section with a copy deadline of August 16th. The editorial element will include comment, polemic and artwork. Catalogue space for editorial is limited and subject to selection. Materials and proposals for editorial content will be accepted for consideration in the period June 15th to August 3rd.’ End quote

    At the meeting I wrote down Aug 15th, the slides were supposed to be going on the website but I can’t find them.

    Now you see the latest is a first stage deadline of Aug 4th followed by a second deadline of Aug 22nd.

    erm, hope that helps 🙂


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