Independents – Election Result etc.

So the result of the election of 2 artist representatives for the Independents Biennial Board is that Arthur Roberts and Terry Duffy were elected. Congratulations to them and also commiserations, they have many long meetings ahead of them.

Tonight’s gathering at the Everyman wasn’t too bad, myself and were praised a few times which is nice.
I think thanks should go to Peter Hagerty for his work on the Independents own website, it got a bit of criticism but with very little money or time at least it worked ok and artists could upload all their info and images. I know how difficult these seemingly basic things are.
And praise too to Dave Bixter of Dyingfrog for gathering all the info for the catalog ‘Totally Free’ which was available at the meeting. I don’t know how much say he had in the final publication, its certainly not how I would have done it but its better than nothing.

There was a lot of debate, I couldn’t hear a lot of it but I think the artists are going to meet again to discuss how they think the Independents should continue into the future. One option was to meet up at the Private View at Cornerstone on Thursday Feb 22nd but I think a proper meeting place would be better to ‘thrash it out’ as Moira Kenny said.

The board meet again at end of Feb. and in April the results of monitoring, evaluation and recommendations have to be made to the Arts Council and everyone else.