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Independents Biennial shares eleven weeks of artists’ work in one weekend

Independents Biennial 2021 comes to an end on Sunday 6th June, with events from Pierce Starre, writing from Matt Retallick, Harriet Burns, Jo Mary Watson and Elizabeth Challinor, and work from Sufea Mohamad Noor, Emmer Winder, Jay Hampton, Montse Mosquera and Grace Collins & George Gibson.

This year’s programme was meant to be about creating in the public eye, but instead embraced artists’ privacy, and their right the create work at their own pace.

The 22 commissioned artists, and artists and collective in the associates programme were asked to share work at two points – the beginning and the end. The result is a series of presentations of work in progress, and artists seeking feedback.

On Saturday 5th June at 7pm, Pierce Starre’s ‘Scrutiny’ will premier on Metal Liverpool’s Instagram Live @metalliverpool, exploring personal experiences of deprivation, oppression and survival, from the perspective of a queer Child of Deaf Adults, growing up in Thatcher Britain in the 80’s and 90’s. The work provides a glimpse into the world of an oppressed and marginalised family, who as a result of the barriers faced and a lack of employment opportunities, found themselves consumed by poverty and struggling to survive.

Open Eye Gallery’s digital window has been open for viewing throughout the programme, and shows the final work by Montse Mosquera until Sunday 6th June. The work is the starting point for new film being shared online this weekend, having developed into Too Foreign, which is part diary, part reflection, part film.

From next week, a poster Campaign by Sufea Mohamad Noor, #StopAsianHate, will live on the streets of Liverpool, following on from a campaign earlier in the programme by Emmer Winder, whose Social Prescription Pharmacy was finally installed in public last week, following a year of delays.

You can follow the final weekend as it unfolds at and @indybiennial on facebook, twitter and instagram