In An Ideal World – St Brides

ideal-100.jpgIn an Ideal World‘ features over 20 artists in St Brides church in Percy St. Official close date is the 30th October so I got there just before the end. The show was curated by Alice Lenkiewicz under the Toxteth Art Gallery banner.

There’s a good collection of works by mostly local artists: Richard Gustavo Caroprese Hoyos, Tracy Dunn, Alice Lenkiewicz, George Lund, Arthur Roberts, Joel Bird, Janine Pinion, Sarah Ryan, Mary Fitzpatrick, Stephen Osu, Raymond Watson, Richard Ashworth, Barbara Jones, Danny John, Christine O’Reilly Wilson, Mark Owen, Wendy Williams, Ilsa Parry, Iain Yell, Barbara Harrison, Susan Sharples, Theresa Potter, Lee Donnelly, Carl Fletcher, Ken Bullock.
St Brides is not a gallery though, its a church and its cold, dark, damp and untidy so a bit of an obstacle course and not the best conditions for viewing art. Better than nothing though, gallery space is always in short supply.
ideal-1.jpg ideal-2.jpg