In an Ideal World at St Brides

ideal-world-100.jpg‘In an Ideal World’ exhibition at St Brides Church (Liverpool) is curated by Alice Lenkiewicz and brings the art work of the Toxteth Art Gallery group with other art practitioners who have contributed.

Review – ‘In an Ideal World’ exhibition at St Brides Church (Liverpool, UK) curated by Alice Lenkiewicz.
Written by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney.
Photograph Copyright of Artists.
24 September 2008.

ideal-world.jpgLenkiewicz has brought together creative professionals who work in a range of diverse media. The collection exhibited in this show embodies a broad spectrum of the cultural and artistic interests explored in contemporary art.

It is a fascinating and unpretentious exhibition with art from Richard Gustavo, Caroprese Hoyos, Tracy Dunn, Alice Lenkiewicz, George Lund, Arthur Roberts, Joel Bird, Janine Pinion, Sarah Ryan, Mary Fitzpatrick, Stephen Osu, Raymond Watson, Richard Ashworth, Barbara Jones, Danny John, Christine O’Reilly Wilson, Mark Owen, Wendy Williams, Ilsa Parry, Iain Yell, Barbara Harrison, Susan Sharples, Theresa Potter, Lee Donnelly, Carl Fletcher and
Ken Bullock.

From abstract expression to digital video art each piece is intriguing in their own conceptual and aesthetic content, but the nature of contemporary art is re-addressed and contextualised in the alternative and iconic setting of St Brides Church, which still functions as a space of religious worship.

At the private view, George Lund presented a new live art piece synonymous in his guise as the ‘Funkadelic Chicken’. A creature derived from his philosophical ideologies. He transcended into an energetic dance to a new song aptly titled ‘Animal Utopia’, sung by Tracey Dunn and mixed by Elwyn.

For further information on the exhibition, ‘In an Ideal World’, contact the Curator, Alice Lenkiewicz, at

The exhibition runs from 20 September 2008 to 30 October 2008 at St Brides Church on Percy Street (Liverpool, UK) and is part of the international events in the city of Liverpool during the Independents Liverpool Biennial 2008.

‘In an Ideal World’ Exhibition, St Brides Church, Percy Street, Liverpool, L8 8LT, UK.

Opening times: Wed – Sun, 12.00 – 17.00.

Additional information available from the Independents Biennial website at:


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