IMPORTANT – Signage for Independents Venues

From John Brady…

Dear Independents,

We are providing brightly-coloured,durable, all-weather signage for you to place outside your venue when you are open to the public (and to bring in doors when you are not). As well as being able to see whether you are open at a glance, this signage will enable strangers to town to navigate their way from venue to venue.

Please collect your signage between 10 am and 5pm on Wednesday 13 September from the Metaconceptual
Gallery , 52 Roscoe St, L1.

(between Grapes pub and Static)

You are entitled to one sign, per venue which you will need to sign for.

Anyone who is unable to collect should expect a delivery of the sign on Thursday morning 14th. If you are not at the venue the sign will be left outside.

If your venue is difficult to find, sticker or put a note up so the driver / anyone can find it.


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