Impact of Capital of Culture Year – Final Report Published Today

Impacts08, based at the University of Liverpool have published their final report today (Friday 12 March 2010).

Creating an impact: Liverpool’s experience as European Capital of Culture looks at the social, economic and cultural effects of the city hosting the ECoC title in 2008. You can download a copy of the report here.

Not had time to read all 68 pages yet but at a glance it all looks very positive.

Here’s a bit from the highlights…

By the end of 2008
– The arts sector viewed the Liverpool ECoC
as a success in terms of raising the profile
of the city and its arts and cultural offer, and
in bringing visitors and the local population
in to enjoy its offer.
– The city region’s creative industries sector
also felt that: the Liverpool ECoC had
improved the profile of the city, particularly
externally; that it had improved the ‘local
morale’ of the sector and increased its
within the city region; and many
anticipate long-term, positive impacts for
their businesses.
– Up to 51% of local cultural sector peers
agree that by the end of its ECoC year,
Liverpool has been repositioned as a
‘world class city’.
– At least 15 of the events of Liverpool ECoC
were judged to be ‘world class’ or
excellent’ by the majority of a panel of
consulted peer reviewers.
– There were 1,683 creative industry
in Liverpool employing 11,000
. This represents a growth of 8% in
the number of enterprises since 2004.
– Total audience among the largest arts
and cultural organisations in the city
topped 5.6 million.