Identity, Collaboration and Creation: 2014 Cornerstone Arts Festival

21 – 29 November 2014

Explorations of identity, collaboration and the creative process are at the heart of this year’s Cornerstone Arts Festival, according to new Artistic Director Dr Alberto Sanna.

Cornerstone 2014 – which will run over nine days instead of the usual three weeks — will feature more acts than ever before, including two different one-man shows and collaborations between dancers and digital artists, and classical Italian and Indian musicians. As well as ticketed evening events, there will be a range of free lunchtime performances.

For the first time, the programme will also include fine art events alongside music, dance and drama. Professor John Wood, designer and original member of cult rock band Deaf School will discuss metadesign – the creation of systems and infrastructure to support collaborative design – whilst Holly Baxter, Guardian journalist and co-editor of The Vagenda, will argue the case for making fun of sexist stereotypes.

Dr Alberto Sanna said: “Boundaries between art forms and media platforms are continually being blurred. We all take existing material and reinterpret it or recreate it to share with others – we do it regularly on our own phones and tablets. This year’s Cornerstone Arts Festival celebrates the relationship between the ‘original’ and the re-imagined that is at the heart of any culture. The way that we approach existing works or forms as a starting point for new collaborations and interpretations raises questions about how we shape our own individual and group identities. We are looking forward to some very thought-provoking performances that explore these questions.”

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