I Weigh as Much as £1.5mill in £20 Notes!


I often call into the Met Quarter shopping precinct. Not to buy anything of course, they have good toilets on the 3rd floor and its more interesting than walking up Stanley Street.
There’s also often interesting things going on in the central area.

At the moment there are some scales you can weigh yourself on free of charge. Only problem is it doesn’t give you your weight in kilos (or even that old imperial standard nonsense) but in statistics!

Its here as part of the Biennial’s Visible Virals project, I have already mentioned the large text appearing on walls in the Ropewalks area, this is part of the same thing run by a-ape.org

So, for the record, I weigh as much as the money spent in a lifetime in 20 pound notes (£1,537,380) which is a bit less than the weight of chocolate consumed per person (not me honest!) in 10 years.


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