Hub 2006 – Otterspool Promenade

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Report by Sean Kenny Jnr.
Photographs by Moira Kenny (email)

The Hub 2006 July 22/23rd at Otterspool Promenade, Liverpool

I went on the Saturday, the first day of the 2006 hub festival . Getting there the weather was lovely, hot as usual but as soon as we entered the prom the rain starting coming down. It didn’t lower the amazing atmosphere that was buzzing all around..

First place I went to was the dj’ing, the sound of booming voices and exciting ’scratching’ pulled me over. The graffiti was amazing, big faces an cool writing. Soon there was an open mic’ going, mc’s from all round where showing off their bit. The crowd went wild when Nikki Blaze stepped up, ( tar for the CD Nikki!!).

Over to the BMX and Skatebording part I saw a well known face, Neil Danns(Family friend brag brag….) The biking and boarding was cancelled for a short while thanks to the rain, but kicked up again very fast. This side of the festival there was the rocking rock music pumping down my ears. Bands well known and some not that well known. Excellent.


Loads of culture this week went up the tower and met the Olympic officials.
And even more fireworks!

Sean Kenny Jnr

Check out flickr for more pictures:

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