1. Hiya Ian…Three and a half days to invitation viewing. Brilliant!

    I copy here my comments from the independants forum re the infamous (already) map! Not easy this is it!…

    Sorry but six comments on the map..

    1. My venue (11) is on Norton Street…map appears to say North st.

    2. My venue is shown on the wrong side of Norton St. Should be on London Road side.

    3. My venue will change it’s name on 11th Oct from “Glaxo Centre”to “Neurosupport Centre”. Please can you put “Neurosupport Centre” in brackets on the index please?

    4. Can you put a North Point on the map to avoid confusion for new visitors?

    5. The quality of my print-out is poor and hard to read. Any chance of upping the quality? 300KB or pdf file perhaps?

    6. Re Shrew map omission, not fair to just put “off map”. another possible way rather than an A3 with the woodside ferry terminal on (A4 being a more user friendly format in hand and online) I have seen these things done with a little inset…say on the waterfont saying 500m this way? Or better still, seeing as there’s a lot of “off maps” have two maps, the inner one as exists and an outer one on another A4 sheet with a box marked “refer to inner map”. ?


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