Help Build the Newspaper House

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Well I’ve done my bit. I forgot to take any old newspapers with me but they still let me roll a couple which was good fun though it does lead to very black hands.
So hopefully, my ‘twig’ will be part of the newspaper house when its unveiled on Friday 19 September 2008 at noon.
This is a lovely participatory event and a good opportunity too see inside the Blackie which is STILL being refurbished. Do take some newspapers, you can then say the resulting artwork is partly yours. At the moment you need to bang hard on the door or ring the phone number displayed on the sign.

The Newspaper House is a participatory art installation by Sumer Erek.
It saw 85,000 unused newspapers transformed to build a House in London.

5 September – 5 October 2008

The Newspaper House continues its journey to the Liverpool Biennial & Independents, and reopens Liverpool’s most awaited wonder art venue: the Blackie, in Chinatown. We expect to collect, and roll the same amount of local newspapers, giving the installation a real local twist.

We are looking for volunteers until October 5 to rolls newspapers and help build the House, as well as receive and inform the public of the concept and story behind the project..


Dates :

Participation 5 – 18 September
Unveiling 19 September 12pm
Sunday Breakfast 20 September 12pm
Exhibition 20 Sept – 5 Oct

Opening hours 11am – 6pm
Closed Tues.

The Blackie
Great George Street
Liverpool L1 5EW

To register your interest & find out the deal, email
or Facebook Newspaper House

For extra information has the docu/podcast & all information

Newspaper House Independents Biennial

The Newspaper House is produced by Creative City with the support of L1 Partnership, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Liverpool City Council Environmental Department, Liverpool City Council City & North Neighbourhood, LHT, Plus Dane Group, the Blackie and Merseytravel.