Help Build a Giant for Liverpool


Big plans afoot for city’s 800th birthday parade

The people of Liverpool are being asked to recount tall tales to help awaken a giant for their 800th birthday.

With just six weeks to go until Liverpool 800 day, the Liverpool Culture Company has invited arts company Strange Cargo to create a 15ft ‘giant’ to lead 1,500 performers in a spectacular, two-hour long, birthday pageant.

And local communities are going to supply the myths, legends and stories that will bring the giant to life on Tuesday, August 28 2007

Strange Cargo believe that every community is home to a slumbering giant – all that’s needed is a physical body for it to inhabit.

The artists have set up camp at the massive horseshoe gallery in World Museum Liverpool, and are appealing for members of the public to attend special workshops this weekend to provide the local background that will help them to create the giant’s form.

An existing giant will be on site to give people an idea of what will eventually be produced. The workshops will be held on:

* Saturday, July 21 : 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm
* Sunday, July 22 : 11am-1pm

On Friday, August 3 there’ll also be a public open day from 12noon-3pm when people will be able to suggest a name for the giant and see its progress. The day, which is part of the city’s Children’s Festival, also includes t-shirt design, papier mache demonstrations, twirler making and a bead workshop.

Brigitte Orasinski, Director of Strange Cargo, said: “The people of Liverpool are its greatest resource and the opportunity for Strange Cargo to work with such a culturally rich and diverse community as this, to discover and awaken their Giant, is an extremely exciting prospect”.

The Liverpool Giant will be accompanied by several other new characters on pageant day, including two ‘big heads’ who will be the Giants constant companions. The Big Heads identities will also emerge as a result suggestions that are made at the public workshops.

Similar projects around the UK have been based around local celebrities – a parade in Margate featured a likeness of renowned artist Tracey Emin, who was born in the town.

Liverpool 800th Birthday Pageant – Tuesday, August 28, 11.30 – 1.30pm
Liverpool’s pageant will begin at St George’s Hall plateau going along Churchill way flyover, Dale Street, Church Street, Lord Street, Whitechapel, St john’s Lane, Lime Street and ending back at St George’s Hall.

The opening element to the 800th Birthday pageant will involve the naming and presentation of The Liverpool Giant to the city. The giant will be accompanied by its two Liverpool-themed Big Head companions and four large Liverpool-themed structures. This unique piece of street theatre will be presented by the company artists and over 200 Liverpool participants.