Has Liverpool capitalised on year of culture?

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Interesting analysis of thre current Liverpool cultural offering by the Echo’s Catherine Jones.

On the face of it, we appear to have had a pretty long lie-in after the festivities.

In the intervening months, the Culture Company has been wound down and the remnants of its 100-strong workforce have morphed into a nucleus cultural department within the city council.

So far this year there have been no fireworks, no tall ships, no spiders, no Superlambananas to entice us out on to the city’s streets in the way they did in 2008.

Then again, there’s no multi, multi-million pound budget either.

But that’s not to say Liverpool has become a cultural wasteland – in truth, there are dozens of interesting, inventive, exciting and entertaining events going on all the time, and £8m of public funding being invested in the arts over the next two years.

And, as cultural leaders are quick to point out, there are some big events coming – albeit not on the scale of 2008……