Happy New Year Liverpool 2008

Count down to 2008 in Liverpool

So there were some fireworks after all! Not the full extravaganza we’ve come to expect in recent times but still frightening enough when you’re standing right underneath them.
Minako is braver than me and continued filming with a steady hand while I was using my camera more as a shield than anything else.

Now, having washed the charred debris from my hair and eaten the first hearty breakfast of 2008 I am ready for the wonderful year ahead. Or I will be just as soon as I’ve finished my annual redesign of the artinliverpool.com website, not long now.

It was quite amusing (to me anyway) to hear the Archbishop and Bishop of Liverpool reciting the long list of things in and about Liverpool and the spectators replying ‘Lord, We give thanks’ as Great George – the biggest church bell in the world!- chimed once every 30 seconds until after the 12th chime just seconds before midnight.

The final big event of 2007, now looking forward to many big events during 2008.

A Happy, Arty, Cultural, Fun 2008 to everyone.