Guest Review – Craig Atkinson on JM24, New Contemporaries etc.

This is actually on Craig’s own (excellent) blog where he has included lots of pictures. Too many for me to post here. So here’s just a bit of the text.

‘We went to Liverpool yesterday, Jo looked for shoes and I looked at art and then we both looked at art!Another trip to the John Moores prize – that I should have been in [!] was worth it. Shit Picnic, my favourite piece, was apparently fought over by the judges to decide who was going to buy it! Is this the reason it didn’t win – the judges would have known the gallery would have bought it and they wanted it for them selves? Hmm, I wonder.’

‘From the Walker we went over to New Contemporaries. Readers of my newsletter will already know my feelings about this show, so sorry to you both! The show overall is an interesting one. The work is fairly exciting and some is challenging, there is a good mix of styles and types. I can’t help feeling that they have tried to be a bit too clever this time though. It’s certainly better than last years show but I think over 50% of the work this time is inaccessible to most, or just boring.’

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