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Grizedale Open Salon at Greenland Street

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The Virtually Grizedale Merseyside and The Cumbria Network Open Salon Exhibition Bonanza

at the Blade Factory, Greenland Street until November 12th 2006

The exhibition was created through an open submission process for artists in both Merseyside and Cumbria whereby all submissions were accepted and displayed in no particular order.

There are some 40 artworks on show and a few films on DVDs. Given the criteria that anybody could just take along a painting and be accepted for exhibition as part of the Biennial Independents, I expected to see a lot more. I though the whole 3 floors would be covered in artwork.

Not surprisingly there’s a crazy mixture of stuff and a lot of familiar work by local artists such as George Lund, Nicola Fitzsimmons, Joshua Tennant, Jo Raven, Hamish McLain, Peter Barker, Peter Carr, Zoe Langdell, Amanda Oliphant and Susan Sharples.

I like the drawings on the wall that are leftover from the drawing classes that took place there recently.