Greetings From Stavanger

Longing-sm.jpgI had the honour last night to be asked to open this exhibition by two artists from Stavanger (the other capital of culture this year) in Norway at the Mocha Lounge.

It was organised by Lyn Fon who is based in Liverpool but used to live in Norway, she should be congratulated on making this happen with only the support of the artists and the people at Capitalists of Culture who manage the exhibitions at the Mocha Lounge in Sir Thomas Street.

There’s some really nice watercolours by Ingrid Solesvik including a series of pictures of Antony Gormley’s men – but not the ones in Crosby. I hadn’t realised that there are several of these in Stavanger, not on the shore but dotted around the town, standing or part-buried in random places.

The other works by Vigdis Elisabeth Feldt are larger acrylics, mainly figurative but also linking in to the maritime theme.

Greetings From Stavanger – 31.10.2008 – 28.11.2008

Ingrid Solesvik