Green Spot at the Bluecoat


We returned to the Bluecoat courtyard as it was getting dark to see the mini forest lit up. Its a lovely sight and relaxing too as there are benches and loudspeakers broadcasting the sounds of birds and water.
Pleased to hear that its stay has been extended to September 14th too, so if you’re around town in the evening this an ideal place to stop and rest for a while. Its open to 10pm (6pm on Mondays)

Green Spot is an interactive environmental installation, a place where you can escape the urban hustle and bustle and spend time in the sanctuary of a mini forest.

Whether out in the open countryside or adding beauty to the urban environment, trees play a critical role in our everyday life.

For starters, trees can help tackle climate change, bring communities together, provide a home for wildlife and create healthier, cooler, happier and more attractive environments.

And that’s not all. If you want to know more about what trees can do or if you just want to relax in the surroundings, visit Green Spot in the courtyard of the Bluecoat


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