Granby Workshop launch new tableware range on Kickstarter

Granby Workshop, Splatware

Granby Workshop and Assemble smash their target of £40,000 to successfully launch new tableware range on Kickstarter

SPLATWARE is a new range of colourful plates and cups, developed by Granby Workshop & Turner Prize-winning design collective Assemble. Handmade in Liverpool, they are produced
by squishing different coloured clays together in a 60 ton hydraulic press, so each piece is different.

The range was launched on Kickstarter and reached its target of £40,000 pre-orders in less
than a week with over 600 backers from around the world pledging towards the project.

The limited-edition products are available through the Kickstarter until the 5th October, after which all pre-orders will go into production. The money raised will be used to fund the production of the first edition of SPLATWARE with a view to grow Granby Workshop’s manufacturing capacity and reach.

SPLATWARE will be the latest range in a series of products from Granby Workshop designed
using experimental manufacturing techniques that introduce chance and improvisation to the production line so that no two products are ever the same. The SPLATWARE process was invented by experimenting with an industrial hydraulic press, combining different coloured clays in a mould under extreme pressure. The method creates accidental and unpredictable patterns of colour in each piece, meaning that each plate and cup is different.

SPLATWARE will be the Workshop’s first range of tableware and the design celebrates the
social side of the Granby community. They are plates and cups for eating and drinking together, produced in sets, with each set showing the variety of patterns produced through the SPLATWARE process. The pieces are made from durable high-firing Staffordshire stoneware clay, glazed and fired to vitrification temperatures, meaning they are completely food, dishwasher & microwave safe. The finish is reminiscent of traditional agateware or nerikomi ceramics, where the patterning is not a glaze effect or transfer – the clay itself is stained with ceramic oxides through the body, giving a unique depth of colour & finish.


The first edition of SPLATWARE will be exclusive to Kickstarter backers. As well as the unique SPLATWARE sets, backers can also choose from a handful of exclusive rewards as thanks for supporting the Kickstarter campaign including the chance to make their own plates and cups together with the team at Granby Workshop.

Pledges can be made towards the Kickstarter at the following link until 5th October 2017: