Go Create 08 – Open Art Competition

go-create08-logo.jpgGo Create 08 – Get Involved

A major, open art competition – with potential prize money of £40,000 – will be launched today in a bid to bring culture to the high street.

As part of Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture celebrations, Liverpool based retailer Home Bargains has conceived and is funding a series of projects to actively involve the people of Merseyside in creating art. Under the banner of Go Create 08 – Get Involved the projects include:

o Art from ‘08
o Liverpool ’08 Tapestry
o ’08 Christmas Cards
o ’08 Liverpool Mugs
o ’08 in Photos

Art from ‘08:
Is a competition to encourage up and coming artists based on Merseyside. Artists will submit a piece of artwork which captures the spirit or history of Liverpool – its people, its places, its passions …..Home Bargains will produce 25 limited-edition framed prints of 8 of the best entries and will help to promote and sell them at selected venues and on-line. At £200 per piece, each artist could generate up to £5,000. As well as the financial benefit, the publicity will help to launch their career on the local art scene. Deadline for entries will be summer 2008.

Liverpool ’08 Tapestry:
Members of the public and interest groups are invited to join the Merseyside Embroiderer’s Guild to produce a huge tapestry of Liverpool in ’08. The Guild will be running regular workshops from the end of April, so that everyone can take part, be they a dab hand with a needle or a complete novice. The project will take 2-3 years to complete and will provide a historic work of art, capturing the feel and vibrancy of Liverpool in ’08 for generations to come.

’08 Christmas Cards:
A competition for kids. Local children will be asked to produce a Christmas card design. The best 8 entries will be manufactured and sold in Home Bargains stores for Christmas ’08. All profits from cards sold will go to local charities. Each winner will also receive a £100 Home Bargains gift voucher.

’08 Liverpool Mugs:
A competition to design a mug which captures the humour and spirit of Liverpool. The best 8 entries will be manufactured and sold in Home Bargains stores. All profits from mugs sold will go to local charities. Each winner will also receive a £100 Home Bargains gift voucher.

’08 in Photos:
An opportunity to share photos of Liverpool in ’08 with everyone else. Members of the public will be asked to submit their photos to the Go Create 08 s our on-line gallery. The 8 best photos will receive a £100 Home Bargains gift voucher.

“As a Liverpool Company, born and bred, we wanted to take an active part in the Capital of Culture celebrations”, said Joe Morris, Operations Director of Home Bargains.

Joe added: “But we wanted to do this by getting our customers and the people of Merseyside actively involved in ’08 and we wanted to produce something tangible and lasting from their creativity. Go Create 08 was the result – a series of creative projects which the people of Merseyside can take part in, produce and be proud of. Go on, get involved. Let’s show the rest of the UK what we can do.”

Phil Redmond, Creative Director of Liverpool Culture Company, said: ”Go Create 08 is a fantastic example of providing people with the opportunity to get involved in Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture celebrations. The support of the retail sector, through companies like Home Bargains, means we can reach out into the high street and get thousands of people turned on to being creative.

”Once again, business has come up with the best way to provide a creative platform and get people engaged – keep it simple – keep it fun – and hopefully we can keep doing these things long after 08 ends!”



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