Global Public Art Project Gifting Peace, Love and Art this Holiday Season

Peace box sent to Cambridge

Here is a beautiful idea about what to send your loved one this Christmas; the gift of Peace, Love or Hope.

In 2006, De Las Mercedes conceived “The Priority Boxes Art Series”, an ongoing, internationally acclaimed peace project that merges art and activism. Today, “The Peace Boxes” have been sent to 13,000 requested locations, including homes, schools, churches, community organizations, hospitals, universities and libraries around the globe, and many of these to the UK.

Helping to redefine the role of the artist in society, the “Priority Boxes” is a mixture of art and activism. A conceptual art project that continues to engage the public into talking about peace, while challenging people to reconsider their ability to influence change. With labels that read “Fragile Contains: Peace, Love or Hope”, visual artist Franck de Las Mercedes sends abstractly painted, seemingly empty boxes to anybody, anywhere in the world. The boxes are sent free inside the continental United States, and for the cost of shipping internationally, to convey that something of such priority as peace should not have a price and that art can be both inclusive and accessible.

Peace box in London
Peace box in London

In recent years, The Priority Boxes Art Project has evolved into a pop culture and educational movement around the world – with students and educators making their own boxes and sharing the art and message with peers, loved ones and their community. In addition to being taught in classrooms, they’ve been exhibited in galleries, museums, living rooms and on the iconic LED screens of Times Square, NYC.

Franck de Las Mercedes’ multi-genre art combines expressionism, photography and collage to illustrate how he sees the world around him. In this quest for self-expression, the artist found himself questioning the role of the artist in society and exploring ways to bring contemporary art to a broader audience, offering people everywhere experiences with art by bringing it to their personal environment.

Franck’s work has been exhibited in numerous shows around the world. In 2012, his portrait of Francisco de Quevedo was acquired by Fundación Francisco de Quevedo for their permanent collection in Ciudad Real, Spain. He’s also been featured on numerous national and international television shows and prestigious publications, including CNN En Español, LatiNation, Univision’s “Aqui y Ahora”, Selecciones (Reader’s Digest), Art Business News, Hispanic Magazine, Museum VIEWS, American Style and was most recently Blick Art Materials’ Spring 2013 Featured Artist. Born in Masaya, Nicaragua, Franck was raised in New York City after emigrating to the U.S. in 1985. He currently works and resides in the New York metropolitan area.

What people have to say about Priority Boxes:

“I heard about this while working at The Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit.  Some of the kids I worked with had the boxes and they told me how special the boxes were to them.  Thank you for helping make the children in Detroit feel special.  They deserve it!” Deborah T., Lansing, MI

Thanks so much! INSPIRATION EVERYWHERE!!! Kisses from Córdoba, Argentina!! – Maria B.

“Last night a friend shared her “box of hope” with me and I was touched by the magnitude and accessibility of this amazing art project you are doing. I would like to request a beautiful “Priority Box” to share with the students at my school. I am a garden and outdoor education teacher at a progressive Episcopal school in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I will use it to challenge our students to think differently about hope, love and peace in the times we live in.” St. Nicholas School, Chattanooga, TN  

“And Priority Box applications go beyond the classroom. When they arrive at the homes, the parents will ask ‘What is this?’ and that sparks a conversation between the students and their parents, which is always a good thing.” Ms. Post, English Teacher – Pennsylvania

For more information about the artist and his work and to order your Peace Box now visit:


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