Gender, Space, Art and Architecture (Pilot Scheme)

Gender, Space, Art and Architecture (Pilot Scheme).
Liverpool and New York Exchange Programme 2007.
Programme Curator, Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney.

Two artists have been selected to participate in the following pilot scheme of an online collaborative and curatorial research project of culture and creativity in the context of art and urban environment. The first theme set is titled ‘Gender, Space, Art and Architecture’ and forms the polit scheme of specific tailored projects set between artists through Transvoyeur.

This is a ten week programme and scheduled to commence 25 June 2007. Further updates to follow and artists names announced.

Programme Brief
This programme explores the issues of gender in the concept of art and architecture. To analyse the theoretical and multi-disciplinary approaches of gender in relation to particular architectural sites, ideas and projects of how space is defined by gender practices, power and vision, masculinity and femininity and different parameters of spatiality, including cyberspace, as well as the physical world of various architecture and the human body.

This project will evolve from the selection and introduction of two artists in different cities and countries, i.e., Liverpool and New York.

The exchange and dialogue will be via emailed and these communications published onto and associate web platforms.


All notes compiled, dialogue exchanged and art produced is to be scanned and/or photographed for jpeg format to be presented on the website.

The final stage of this project will be to exhibit the outcomes of this in a gallery context.

Through the exchange of the selected artists to this programme, each are to include in the email These communications will periodically each week be published onto, along with attachments of images of art researched.

More details: