Garston Embassy Launched

imageThe Garston Embassy and The Artistic Republic of Garston launched on Saturday 31 May 2008

The Garston Embassy is an installation by Michael Trainor for which he has transformed a disused Edwardian school into the headquarters of a mini independent state which has its own flag and passport.

The project was undertaken in collaboration with Liverpool based artists and designers as well as the good people of Garston.

Wellington Street, Garston L19 2LX

Born out of Garston’s historic spirit of independence, this idea aims to promote the physical and cultural regeneration of Garston as a creative centre. The Embassy installations include a number of automated figures, which operate at advertised times throughout the year from May 31st.


2.30pm – Grab a placard!
2.32pm – Become a Revolutionary!
2.45pm – March with the band!
3.00pm – Join the crowds throwing flowers as The President arrives in his ceremonial car to declare independence for the Artistic Republic of Garston!
3.15pm – Witness the unveiling of ‘Garston Embassy’ as a new palace of culture with fountains, a maze, formal gardens and even its own oil well and weapons of mass attraction!