Garston Art Works – The Elusive Power Of Nature

garston-phil-100The Elusive Power Of Nature
from 5 June 2010

An Exhibition Of Paintings by Liverpool Artist Phil Dowling. The Elusive Power Of Nature – Phil has been painting portraits and landscapes for nearly 30 years. His main interest in painting landscapes is to capture natures abstract qualities, its light, colour, mood,but above all its energy in a harmonious way.

Phil says “my feeling about painting is summed up in the words of Bonnard….
” Its not a matter of painting life; its a matter of giving life to a painting”

Alex Corina says “It was a revelation looking back at 30years of Phils work. There are some real hidden gems in this show.”

Venue: Garston Art Works
26 Duke Street, Garston
L19 2LT

Phil Dowling