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From film noir to filing your taxes: University of Liverpool announce brand new line-up short courses

The University of Liverpool Continuing Education (CE) team are delighted to announce a new programme of short courses, seminars and workshops starting this month.

The new courses – taught live and face-to-face in the university’s virtual classroom – are an innovative way of teaching online that ensures students enjoy the benefits of engagement with both tutors and their peers, from the comfort of their own home.

Participants will also have access to a wide range of the University’s academic support and, on completion, will be awarded with a formal University of Liverpool Certificate of Engagement that acknowledges their professional and personal development.

The programme is perfect for those who are looking at learning and developing key skills this year, either to help in their professional development or to assist them in their business ventures.

The University are offering a range of courses focussing on aspects of business and management including, How Tax Works; Leadership in Practice; Building a Business that Helps: Profit & Impact; and Zero to Hero: Growing a Small Business from Scratch. These courses are aimed at those looking to bring new skills to their current role, wanting to enhance their CV to secure a job, or hoping to strike out alone.

There are also a whole host of arts and creative courses on offer for those wanting to expand their horizons, from Guitar for Beginners and Singing for Fun, through to courses like Be Played to get Paid, examining how musicians can make money from royalties in the music industry and gain a further understanding of copyright law.

Film buffs can also relish in courses such as Film Noir: The Art of Darkness, and Surrealist Cinema: Translating Dreamscapes on Screen.

Dr Glenn Godenho, Academic Director of Continuing Education, said “Our courses are designed to be flexible, so alongside live, face-to-face, virtual classroom sessions, your learning will be supported through Canvas – our Virtual Learning Environment.

As well as our business courses this year, we are well aware that wellbeing is an important aspect of working life. That’s why we have a whole host of arts and creative courses on offer through, which you can explore; history, astronomy, psychology, philosophy, architecture, film studies, and more.”

Participants can also learn some of the world’s most widely spoken and influential languages; Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese and others are on offer.

If you would like to learn more about the courses on offer, visit www.liverpool.ac.uk/continuing-education/ or follow the Continuing Education team on Twitter and on Facebook.