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Free Thinking 2007
A festival of ideas in Liverpool 9-11 November 2007, on radio and online.

Phil Redmond on Identity
The festival opens Friday, 9 November 2007, with Phil Redmond’s keynote lecture. It’s very exciting to have such an important figure to open Free Thinking as our host city of Liverpool prepares to take on the title of European Capital of Culture 2008.

Phil will be talking about the complexity of modern identity. What defines our identity? Are we still in control of who we are, or does the real key to our identities lie in the records of our internet searches, mobile phone calls and supermarket purchases? Can data tell us who we really are? We’re also delighted that we can hold the lecture in one of Liverpool’s most important venues, the beautiful Small Concert Hall at St George’s in the very heart of the city. A refurbishment programme has returned the hall to the glorious setting it must have been when Charles Dickens’ penny readings were a regular attraction in the 1860s.

We’re returning to the hall on Saturday night for Mark Ravenhill’s play ‘Yesterday an Incident Occurred’, which he’s written specially for the atmospheric civil court beneath the hall itself. It’s a great place to be exploring Freedom, the key theme of this year’s festival: it’s hard not to imagine yourself in the imposing dock, or being taken down the steep stairs to the cells below.

After that, we go back to the concert hall to join Ian McMillan for Radio 3’s Words and Music, and we’re very pleased that Liverpudlian actors Cathy Tyson and Mark McGann will be there too.


Your choice, your voice
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Latest news
Finally, I thought I’d let you know about some more fabulous thinkers we’ve secured for the festival in the last few days. Gloria Hyatt MBE, pioneer of the UK’s first black-led Independent School and Rod Holmes, director of Liverpool massive regenerative Paradise Project, are going to join us to decide if we’ve ‘destroyed the dream of equality’ on Sunday.
Ellen Inglis, the president of the Liverpool University debating society and Jan Swann, Chief Exec of Liverpool’s Natural Breaks organisation are joining the panel for ‘What’s the point of university?’ on Friday afternoon.
And legendary TV drama producer Michael Wearing – who produced Our Friends in the North and the Colin FirthPride and Prejudice as well as Blackstuff and countless others – is going to be joining Alan Bleasdale for our Boys from the Blackstuff 25th anniversary landmark.