Free of Abstraction

carolina_ambida-150.jpgSo, everyone is agreed, abstract painting is now out of fashion.

There’s certainly very little of it in the John Moores 24 exhibition at the Walker. This picture of a fluffy pink kitten (‘Where’s Whiskers? by Carolina Ambida) is more the sort of thing you will see. Lots of figurative, landscapes and photo-realism.

Over at the New Contemporaries in Greenland St. its a similar story. Of course there’s some really cryptic conceptual work and installations but you’re not going to find the future Hoyland or Heron here I think.

Is this a good thing? Don’t ask me, I like abstract painting but Tracey Emin in her notes on judging the JM24 says ‘All paintings which appear abstract must show the thought process of abstraction’. Too deep for me.
If you can’t actually get to the Walker during the next 10 weeks at least you can see all the exhibits on the website.

Well done guys.