Florence Institute Unveils World War 1 Memorial Plaque

This coming Remembrance Sunday at 12.30pm the Florence Institute will be holding a ceremony to unveil the original World War 1 memorial plaque that adorned the staircase of The Florrie for over many years.

The 4 ½ ft memorial plaque is back up in its original place on the beautiful grand staircase, listing the Florence Institute members in memory of local men who had fallen in the Great War.
The unveiling ceremony will commence with a family member from one of the names listed on the plaque who died for their country and who was a member of The Florrie to unveil the memorial.
Joe Devereux was a member of The Kings Regiment who researched the list of names that are on the plaque and produced the book “For Their Country”. This book will be available for sale at the event.
Joe junior, the son of Joe Devereux will also be at the event to say a few words.
With Remembrance Day coming up and poppies appearing on lapels, it is heartening to see that those who gave their lives in service will not be forgotten. The Florence Institute would like to remember those who died and invite the public along to share this event with them.


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