First Exhibition – Brendan Lyons

brendan lyonsSaw my first exhibition of the 2006 Biennial this morning and an interesting one it is too.

The red and white tape, parcel tape, yellow and black tape and black plastic sheets are not what they seem. They are actually made from strips of solid paint. How does Brendan Lyons do that and will they survive the weather for the next 10 weeks?

Six windows on a derelict building in Knight Street, Liverpool, have been converted into a series of six new paintings by Brendan Lyons, by applying sheets and strips of dried artist’s paint to the various window frames.

Glancing up at the 1st floor windows of a block of derelict buildings on Knight Street, the viewer may see a series of windows showing the effects of years of neglect. The window frames and glass have been ‘patched-up’ sometime in the past, using some adapted black bin liners and various parcel, masking, and hazard tapes. These too are now showing signs of deterioration, and hang precariously from their frames.
However, on closer inspection, these apparent elements of tape and polythene, actually consist of dried sheets and strips of artists’ paint only.
These sheets and strips of paint are attached to the wood frames and glass, resulting in six new paintings.

See for images and further details.

12 Sept to 26 November 2006.
6 Knight Street, Liverpool L1.
open 24 Hrs / Daily.


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