Friday, June 14, 2024
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Firecracker Sunday – in Chinatown


Another beautiful day, wouldn’t think it was Winter at all.
Its the 3rd Sunday of the month so we go across the road to the Hope Street Farmer’s Market to buy a load of good organic veg and some soap from the Little Satsuma stall before looking round the art stall in 60 Hope Street. Its not always the same artists there, were there and Zoe Langdell with her cards and jewellery and Lel who recently exhibited in Calderstones Park.

Then down to Berry street for the Noon start of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Its getting more popular every year and with the weather being so good the area was more packed than ever. It was difficult to get close up to see the dragon and lions.
Even so, I managed to fill up my camera card before the firecracker show in Gt George Square.

Saw a few familiar faces there including Xia Lu who was doing her Chinese calligraphy, translating peoples English names into Chinese characters.

And Pete Carr, he didn’t see us as he was so focused on his camera work and, as usual, y can see the results on his website

cny07-1.jpg cny07-3.jpg