‘Fire & Eurhythmy’ at Ikonography

‘Fire & Eurhythmy’ – A group exhibition of Japanese and Liverpool based artists, curated by Nicole Bartos opened at Ikonography on Friday night.
One of the artists, Nagachoo, also does performances, often impromptu, but this one was planned and you can see 1 minutes worth of my amateur video above.
sharon-mutch-fande.jpgDespite several other openings the same night there was a good crowd here, Stan Ambrose played the harp determined not to be drowned out by the noise from the Mathew Street clubs and bars.

Nicole did a great job of squeezing the work of 9 artists into a fairly small space.

There is a lot of glass on show. Local artist, Barry Cooper, has exhibited his glass artwork in several NW galleries recently. Mieko Noguchi from Japan has a lot of beautiful sculpted glass items on display. You should see them when the sun or bright light shines on them.
Sharon Mutch‘s pictures are printed onto acrylic. The centre space is taken up by Jayne Hannay‘s delicate white porcelain pieces hanging from the ceiling.
Fire is a common theme. Richard Ashworth has a piece made from burnt matches, Nagachoo creates some artwork with pyrography (wood burning), Elizabeth Hodgkinson deconstructs paintings by setting them alight. There is also some earthy mixed media works by Sarah Nicolson and Nicole Bartos‘ has a piece of her own work which involves melted wax.

The exhibition runs until November 10th 2006 and there are 2 open evenings – October 6 and 13th with live music, poetry and performance.
See the gallery4allarts website for more details.

mieko-noguchi-1.jpg jayne-hannay-1.jpg