Film by Japanese homeless artist at Mello Mello

Exclusively on the night of the Mercy Fundraiser at Mello Mello – Sat Aug 4 2007

A Short FILM by
Misako Ichimura

A 17 min. film showing from 20.00 onwards

Misako Ichimura is a homeless artist based in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo.

Her artistic career sprang from her “Tabi-tabi Seikatsu


  1. this is a goooood film ,you will catch how YOYOGI TENT PEOPLE charm and attract.
    MiSAKO`s film have a punk attitude .

    you should go!

  2. Tetsuo-san, film sugoi yokattadesuyo! Kocchi no okyakusan nimo fun-iki ga ippai tsutawatta to omoimasu. FANTASTIC!


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