Fallen Angels Dance Theatre back on the streets on Liverpool

For the first time since March, the dancers in recovery at Fallen Angels Dance Theatre have gathered in the city. When lockdown struck back in March, their usual Liverpool home at Bluecoat closed. But now, with social distancing in place, they are venturing back into Liverpool, starting with outdoor workshops.

“We are so grateful to be able to utilise the wonderful outdoor spaces in Liverpool. As a group, we can meet and move together, in the fresh air and it’s given us all a boost!” says Executive Director Claire Morris.

The park meet-ups follow four-months of working together remotely, through an online project; Together While Apart. The project brought together 50 vulnerable adults aged from 23-70.

They connected, created and danced their way through lockdown. All captured in an evocative film of the same name (watch it on their website here https://www.fallenangelsdancetheatre.co.uk/)

“All the Angels have become a big part of my life, like family. It was nice sharing this strange but also weirdly magical time through the good and bad moments. I am proud to have expressed it through dance like a little record.” Participant

The Fallen Angels hope to move back to their beloved dance studio at Bluecoat in the autumn and find new ways to create performances and share them with audiences.

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