FACT – Symposium: Changing Perspectives on Contemporary Conflict

FACT | What’s On | Changing Perspectives on Contemporary Conflict.

Price: £8.00 / £6.00(Members & concs)

Sunday 18 Apr 2010 times:
1:00pm in The Box

FACT hosts a symposium on the changing nature of war, where speakers and audience members are asked to come together to discuss and share their perspectives on various conflicts. Speakers include internationally renowned Israeli-born, UK-based artist Oreet Ashery, the Palestinian writer, Samir El-Youssef who authored The Illusion of Return (Halban 2007), Professor Andrew Hoskins who penned Televising War: From Vietnam to Iraq (Continuum 2004), and Kurdish Iraqi performance artist, Adalet Garmiany, amongst others.

Despite the growth of social networks, the majority of citizens still experience conflict in a mediated way. From 24 hour news channels to perpetual RSS feeds, war and it’s varying manifestations are all encompassing, but still, everyday individuals still seem to detach themselves from this very thought. On this occasion, FACT brings together speakers whose lives and practices have been shaped by a radically personal relationship with war.

The speakers will relay these stories to the audience, who will then be invited to contribute to a conversation, which is more often than not, relegated to elected officials, and media outlets. As technology continues to splinter and fragment society, it is more important than ever to come together, and to take part in this participatory dialogue.


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