FACT – Persistence of Vision Artist Wins Award

FACT – Persistence of Vision Artist Wins Award

FACT would like to congratulate Lindsay Seers, one of the artists featured in our Persistence of Vision exhibition earlier this year on being a recipient of a Paul Hamlyn Foundation 2010 Award for Visual Arts.

Each artist receives an award of £45,000 to support them in their artistic development. The awards scheme is the most generous in the UK.

Lindsay, who displayed her film installation It has to be this way1 at FACT this summer, said of the award –

Recently on Radio 4 I heard the chair of a contemorary prize for literature scoffing at the waste of money the government spends on its contemporary art collection, which he claimed was unecessary as we have an amazing collection of art from the past. Perhaps we now think that contemporary art is a luxury we cannot afford? Yes – life support machines help us to survive but the outcomes or creativity give us inspiration and understanding about what it is to be human. The fact that this award exists is amazing, a rare and insightful gift – to support artists work in their own lifetime (and a small miracle I have received it).”

See the text of Charlotte Higgins’ awards speech on her Culture Blog.


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