‘Face of the City’ Project

Paul Miller has done really well to get this idea of the ground. Its a simple but excellent idea for 2008. Just get every workplace in Liverpool to hold an exhibition of artwork by their own staff. It can be big or small, public or private but it gives a chance for everyone in work to at least take part in Capital of Culture.

The organisation is Liverpool Front House and they now have a website which will list more details of the exhibitions and artworks. Now all you need to do is get your work colleagues organised and creative and pass the details onto Paul.

Its supported by a few local organisations including Radio Merseyside and NML but there’s no funds available other than for the organising. Doesn’t cost much though to stick a few artworks on your reception wall.

Liverpool Front House, Charitable Trust was formed 10th October 2006, with guidance from Liverpool Charity & Voluntary Services (LCVS).

The trust developed in direct response to Liverpool being judged in 2003, as the city who would receive the prestigious accolade, European Capital of Culture 2008.

In 2005, Liverpool’s media was inundated with complaints from local people concerned that the planned events for 2008 wouldn’t involve local artists and the community in general. Wanting to resolve the perceived problem, Paul Miller decided to do something “Face of the City