Exclusive! JSR-U51 Boat Launches at Albert Dock

The 40 metre mobile waterfall that is Jump Ship Rat’s U51 had its first outing around the Albert Dock on Saturday evening. This is a Capital of Culture commission created by Ben Parry and Jacques Chauchat and you can see it at Albert and Salthouse Docks on Saturdays and Sundays 14-16.00 and Thursdays 17-19.00 until 30th October 2008

imagesArtists BEN PARRY & JACQUES CHAUCHAT of Jump Ship Rat unite once again to create a giant mobile water fountain.

An endless waterfall 40 meters wide pours from above as if from nowhere, circumventing a narrow boat and hiding it behind a wall of water.

Theatrical and playful the gliding water fountain comes to grace the Albert Dock. Erupting from the dock, this is an aesthetic and sensory delight that hypnotises the viewer into quite contemplation, then passing through tunnels and canals it disappears leaving only the still pool.

A Liverpool Commissions project; JSR-U51 celebrates the City’s maritime history through the element water. Water is the source of all life on earth, as such it has appeared in culture across the ages as a metaphor for the cycle of life, genesis and power; a spiritual symbol and an evocation of the natural world.