Exciting collaboration with Shaw Street Project comes to Lark Lane’s ArtsHub47

This summer’s exhibition from Lark Lane-based community co-operative Arts Hub 47 plays host to some of Liverpool’s brightest homeless artistic talents.

The new exhibition opening on 25 July 2013 takes place in the not-for-profit Hub, a gallery space dedicated to local artists above the Arts Hub 47 on Lark Lane. Arts Hub 47 is the only arts-based community cooperative in Liverpool.  Tabitha Moses, winner of this year’s Liverpool Art Prize, will be opening the launch event at 15.30 on 25 July.
‘Hope’ is a collaboration between the Arts Hub and Shaw Street training and support project for homeless people, run by Riverside housing association.
The Shaw Street Project is based in Everton and is a temporary home for up to twenty single residents aged 16-65.  Service users are supported during their time at Shaw Street and are encouraged to find employment and permanent accommodation.  There are also a wide range of educational and recreational activities available such as cooking, gardening and cycling.  These activities develop confidence and enhance life skills for residents who are starting to rebuild their lives.
Becka Griffin, committee member of Arts Hub 47, explained:
“This collaboration came about due to my involvement with residents at the Shaw Street Project on a voluntary basis.  I decided to suggest an exhibition at the Arts Hub, and the residents jumped at the opportunity.  They have worked really hard to create a diverse collection of work for this exhibition, which we are all really enthusiastic about.”
Tommy Murphy, 53, was street homeless and using cannabis before he came to Riverside.  He says: “I’ve come such a long way since I’ve been at Shaw Street.  I’d never even picked up a paintbrush until I started coming to the art sessions.  I have found a new way to express myself.”  Tommy is hoping to move into his own flat in the near future, and aspires to apply to University to study music.
Garry Williams, 34, is a recovering alcoholic.  He has lived in six different hostels over the past nine years.  He explains, “I never thought I’d do art before I came here, I couldn’t even draw stick men at school!”  Garry hopes to go to college and study to be a Mental Health Nurse.
Gary Grocott, 39, is a reformed petty criminal who has been in and out of prison repeatedly.  Gary explains “I had never thought about art before, I didn’t think I could draw”.  Gary is now a prolific artist and spends a great deal of time drawing and painting.  He hopes to go on to study art in a formal setting.
Riverside’s manager at Shaw Street, Julie McInnes, said: “The residents’ artwork is for sale to raise funds for the Shaw Street Project’s Living Skills Fund, enabling ongoing activities for all residents.  So we are really excited to be part of this exhibition”
The new ‘Hope’ exhibition runs between 25 July and 28 August 2013 at the Arts Hub 47, 47 Lark Lane, Liverpool. It is the seventh exhibition to be hosted by the local cooperative, and further events are planned for the remainder of 2013.
The Arts Hub 47 is staffed by volunteers and funded by sales of the work exhibited. The cooperative provides gallery and retail space enabling the hand-crafted works of local artists to be displayed, promoted and sold, and an environment for learning, sharing and networking.
For more information on the Arts Hub 47, and to find out more about regular exhibitions, please visit www.artshub47.co.uk or call 0151 727 0323.


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